2020 Silver Linings Found in the Sport of SUP

The year 2020 started with plans for a “normal” season, beginning with our Season Open House, Memorial Weekend, and ending with a “last-chance SUP” Labor Day weekend.  This is as it had always been in the past.  But as March rolled around and the whispers of China’s COVID outbreak spreading rapidly, grew into social media chatter, and eventually loud cries throughout the US and beyond, we knew this would potentially be a season like no other.  However, which way would it roll for us?  We knew we would have to roll with the tides and pray for the silver linings to bless us.  And did they ever!

Many people feel guilty sharing good news when surrounded by chaos and sadness.  However, we prefer to think of this as more inspirational than boasting, and hope you can see that the following positives are ones which we hope will bring about an awareness to last well beyond the defeats of our pandemic year and continue to bless everyone who participated in these victories.

  1. Respite from seclusion
  2. Social distancing safely
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Mental health support
  5. Physical exercise
  6. Job opportunities
  7. Nature awareness
  8. New hobbies introduced
  9. Activity the whole family can participate in
  10. Family time
  11. Refuge from negative news
  12. FUN!

So while I could shy away from sharing such a list of silver linings in our business this past summer, I choose to inspire you instead to look for your own.  It may not be visible to you at the moment, but it’s out there waiting for you, just around the river bend…