2021 Fall Hours

Now through October we are by appointment only.
Just Call Us! 316.712.8795

Appointments are subject to change due to weather and special events scheduled throughout the season.  Please follow us on Social Media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter) to stay informed on daily updates.

Sunday – 1Call2Book316.712.8795

Monday – CLOSED / Appointments Only

Tuesday Call2Book316.712.8795

Wednesday Call2Book  – 316.712.8795

Thursday Call2Book –  316.712.8795

Friday Call2Book  – 316.712.8795

Saturday Call2Book316.712.8795 

Online Reservations are now closed.  With cooler weather and shorter daylight hours, we will be open by appointment only now through October.

Simply Call/Text us at 316.712.8795 for further questions.


Other events include,

  • Lessons,
  • Sunset & Sunrise Tours,
  • Full Moon Tours,
  • Youth Group SUP Sesh,
  • Sunset SUP Yoga
  • Kids $10 Tuesdays
  • Dog Days of SUP
  • Paddle2Gravel Triathlon